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Welcome to the website of R. Shawn Essey, D.M.D., L.L.C., a distinguished dental care provider serving the dental needs of patients in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Essey and his team of skilled professionals work together to provide quality dental treatment solutions for children, teens and adults. We strive to provide personalized and thorough dental care to achieve comprehensive dental wellness. From common problems to gum disease, we provide an array of dental services to meet your dental needs, including:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to look, feel and function like your own natural teeth. Implants can restore the aesthetics of your smile, or act as an anchor for dentures.

Venus White Bleaching

It 's hard to imagine anything more appealing than a sparkling, white smile.  Yet out teeth rarely stay as white as we'd like them to without a little help.  Venus White offers affordable, superior at home whitening for a whiter smile in one week and it is available here at Dr. Essey's office.

You can trust Venus White to help you achieve and maintain a brighter, more radiant smile.  We have a high performance Venus White option that is just right for you.

Venus White Pro is the high performance whitening system specially formulated for simple at home use.  We will work with you to create custom fit trays and will also have touch up kits available.  Use night or day for a bright, radiant smile.

Venus White Ultra offers a quick, convenient and easy way to whiten in just 7 days.  The trays are pre-filled wit mint flavored gel.  These trays are disposable and made of a super thin material offering comfort and effective whitening in just 7 days!

There are lots of things you can do to make sure your whitening results last as long as possible, and this will vary from person to person.  First of all please maintain your usual good routine of brushing and flossing every day and be sure to keep up with your recare appointments in our office.  Avoid foods and beverages that cause stain, such as coffee, tea, red wine, tomato based foods.  Try drinking staining fluids thru a straw if possible or do a swish and swallow with water after having one of those drinks or food.


February is National Children's Dental Health Month!

Nearly one in three children ages two to five years old in the U.S. are affected by tooth decay.  February is National Children's Dental Health Month and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is sharing tips and tricks for parents on how to help their kids avoid tooth decay and cavities.

"Parents are bombarded with unsolicited advice and health findings that are constantly changing," said Dr Jade Miller AAPD  President. "We don't want to add to that stress, but there are a few common misconceptions, that if cleared up, could help make a huge difference in your child's oral health-which is linked to their overall health and wellness."

 Tooth decay remains a top chronic infectious disease among children and can compromise the health, development and quality of life of children both in the short and long term.  The great news is we can prevent it!  Following these simple rules can greatly benefit your child's teeth by keeping decay away.

1.When it comes to sugary treats and drinks frequency is the issue.  Keep an eye on how often your child eats, as well as what she eats.  Every time we eat or drink something that contains sugar or starches, bacteria in our mouth use the sugar and starch to produce acids.  These acids begin to eat away at the tooth's enamel.  Our saliva can help fight off this acid attack but if we eat frequently throught the day, especially food and drinks containing sugar and starches, the repeated acid attacks will win causing the tooth to lose minerals and develop a cavity.

Limit between meal snacks, this reduces the number of acid attacks on the teeth and it gives them a chance to repair.  Save candy, cookies, soda and other sugary drinks for designated meal and snack times.  Limit fruit juice, have them drink plenty of water throught the day.

2.Don't put babies to bed with a bottle.  Milk and juice contain sugar.  When babies are put to bed with a bottle of milk or juice, the sugar coats their teeth the entire time they are sleeping causing tooth decay.  If a bottle works to sooth a baby before sleep, opt for water.

3 Avoid topical teething gels and rings.  The Food and Drug Administration strongly warns against using teething gels that contain benzocaine or lidocaine because there is potential for harm.  Teething rings may contain chemicals and low levels of BPA that also may be harmful.

4.Brush and floss your child's teeth at least twice a day. When they are old enough have your child brush but be sure to  supervise.  Over the age of 2 use only a small pea size of fluoride toothpaste and encourage them to spit.  If they cannot do so continue to use a non fluoridated child's toothpaste.

Be sure to make you child's first dental visit before the age of three.  Dr. Essey and our hygienists will be glad to review any oral hygiene instructions and give you tips to keep your child healthy!













We are proud to announce that Dr. Essey has again been selected as a Pittsburgh Top Dentist for 2016!!!!!  Congratulations to Dr. Essey and staff!!!    


No matter what day or week it is this month we hope it is wonderful!  Please don't forget to show your beautiful smile and be sure to tell everyone how Dr. Essey is helping you keep that healthy smile!

Healthy smiles are our #1 priority but we can also discuss with you cosmetic changes that might enhance your smile even more.  If you would like to discuss any changes you might be considering please call Dr. Essey to give you the most up to date options.

Our web site has lots of great information on learning about your oral health!  To learn even more visit www.mouthhealthy.org/ .

We believe our high-tech office and highly skilled team will give you the confidence that you are receiving the highest standard of dental care available. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Essey has been chosen in 2010 ,2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 Top Dentist by Pittsburgh Magazine!  We want to say Thank You to all our patients!

topDentists is based on an exhaustive peer-review survey in which dentists and specialists throughout the Pittsburgh area cast "votes" on the abilities of other dentists and specialists, and because listings cannot be purchased, inclusion in topDentists is considered a singular honor.

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