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World Heart Day is September 29!

The link between Oral Health and Heart Disease

 Did you know that millions of microbes live in your mouth?

Frankly, your mouth is prime real estate for your average bacteria-it's warm, moist, and has a steady stream of food.  Who wouldn't love it!

Actually the bacteria in your mouth are friend and can also be foes.  Some of them assist with breaking down food for digestion.  Those are the good guys.  Sad to say the others can really wreak havoc on your teeth and gum.  They are the cause of cavities, gum disease, and can cause the loss of bone and eventual tooth loss.                                      

Unfortunately sometimes these bacteria can leave your mouth and enter other parts of your body!



  The answer seems to be yes and yes!

Studies are underway to determine the exact mechanisms that may make a definitive bridge between oral health and heart health.  The early findings point to a connection between your mouth and the rest of you.

If you suffer from periodontitis ( a gum disease that causes the loss of tissue and bone) ,every time that you chew bacteria are released into the bloodstream as well as when you brush your teeth.  The oral bacteria also create toxins that resemble proteins found in the artery walls.  The immune system responds to the toxins in such a way that could harm the vessel walls.

One of the primary functions of the immune system is inflammation.  This is designed to destroy the enemy of the body.  The enemy is anything the body perceives as a threat, such as certain proteins like those released b y oral bacteria.  Research findings also indicate the inflammation in the mouth incites inflammation throughout the body.  Inflammation in the arteries is a factor for heart attack and stroke.

Scientists have found that plaque found in one part of the body is similar to plaque in other parts of the body.  Several species of bacteria that are responsible for the gum disease periodontitis are also found in the plaque in the arteries in the heart and elsewhere.  That form of plaque can lead to heart attack!

So now that you see there is strong evidence of correlation between oral health and your overall health talk to Dr. Essey and our team of hygienists about maintaining your oral health.  Frequent cleanings, along with regular brushing and flossing are necessary to keep you and your heart healthy and happy!



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